Schedule your private lessons with our coaches based on their availability. Lessons are also available in our Special Memberships. Check them out here!


Men and Women’s Beginner Training Group is for players who:

  • Have not played beach volleyball or played 0-1 years
  • Have been evaluated by our coaches prior to joining
  • Are wanting to start playing in tournaments


Men & Women’s Inter/Advanced Training Group is for players who:

  • Have played at least 2 yrs of beach volleyball
  • Have been competing on the A/AA level
  • Have made finals in A/AA Level tournaments
  • Want to pursue Open level and AVPNext tournaments

Please contact us for more details.


Men’s Open Training are for those players who:

  • Already plays TN Open level tournaments
  • Have made 5+ Men’s AA Finals
  • Are committed to level up their game
  • Want to pursue better performance in Open level tournaments

Adults will be trained by our top line MASTER COACHES!

Women’s Open Training are for players who:

  • Have played at least 3 yrs of beach
  • Have made 5 finals on Women’s AAA
  • Have been competing in Open level tournaments
  • Want to pursue playing in the Qualifier on the AVP Tour